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Facts about Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction(ED) is common problem among men as you grow older. Losing of erection during sexual intercourse is the most faced problem. It is better to consult with doctor when you have Erectile Dysfunction problem. The common reason are blood vessel block in the penis area and damage in the nerves due to diabetes. Consulting with doctor, Taking pills, Regular Exercise, Quitting Smoke and Drugs are some of the way it helps to make erection stronger.

During Olden days, people used to consider erectile dysfunction as a psychological problem convincing people by saying motivating words. There are certain people who comes under this category. The Doctors fact is, physical problem causes erectile dysfunction. If a person is physically normal, he will have 3 to 5 erection during night time. Each erection will last up to thirty minutes. Some people have erection in the morning which proves you’re physically fit.

The erection is a flow from brain, nerves, hormones and blood vessels whenever there is a interruption in any of those will results in ED problem. Interesting facts about Erectile Dysfunction is; A person can produce fertile eggs even when he fails to have erection. As far as older people is concerned, Physical problem is the cause for ED and for younger people, Emotion is the cause for ED. Avoid smoking, drugs, drinking and concentrate more on diet, exercise and open talk with your partner to make your sex life blossom.


One comment on “Facts about Erectile Dysfunction?

  1. Unknown
    November 25, 2012

    Causes of erectile problems to young men:
    1. This can happen due to poor diet and lack of excercises and can cause serious health effects.
    2. It can be happened because of obesity,heart disease, high blood pressure, hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes.
    3. Obesity can lead to erectile problem for the 20-30 years old men.
    4. Taking of viagra when they supposed not be can also lead to erectile problem sometime. More importantly viagra can cause damage to the blood vessels and nerves in the penis, which can cause permanent erectile problems.
    5. Excessive drink or use of drugs are more likely to experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction, because drugs and alcohol have an effect on the central nervous system.

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