Health is Wealth

What are the ways to stay younger?

Everyone has wish to stay young but how many knows the way? There are numerous ways to stay young, it’s about choosing the right one which has no side effects. … Continue reading

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How often should i have a health check up?

Healthy body makes our life happier. We need to do regular health check up to know the status of our body. Regular health check up helps to know our body … Continue reading

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Information about Obesity for Kids

Obesity is nothing but excessive fat in the body. A person weighting more than this normal height and weight. Based on different age obesity level varies, regular height and weight … Continue reading

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Facts about Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction(ED) is common problem among men as you grow older. Losing of erection during sexual intercourse is the most faced problem. It is better to consult with doctor when … Continue reading

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Fruits and it’s Benefits

Apple – It increases the immunity level in the body and protect against infection. Mango – It protect against different types of cancers. Kiwi- It helps to strengthen mass in … Continue reading

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Tips to Make your Stomach Flat

10 Push Ups. 20 Sit Ups. 20 Lunges. 25 Squats. 80 Jumping Jacks. 1 Minute Wall Sit.

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Benefit’s of Drinking Green Tea

It helps to protect your lungs. Reduces the Blood Pressure. It helps to boost your brain power. It increases the immunity level in your body. It helps to burn unwanted … Continue reading

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